weathering resistant steel

Weathering resistant steel also called weathering steel is the low alloy steel series between ordinary steel and stainless steel. Weathering resistant steel is made with ordinary steel adding a few amounts of copper, nickel and other corrosion resistant elements, and has the toughness, plastic drawing, forming, welding, abrasion, high temperature and fatigue resistance properties of high quality. The weather resistance of weathering steel is 2-8 times of carbon steel and coating is 1.5-10 times of carbon steel. Meanwhile weathering steel has rust resistance to make steel components prolong corrosion service life, reduce consumption and save energy. The main application is for structural steel long term exposure in the atmosphere such as railway, vehicles, bridges and towers etc. Also weathering steel is used in the manufacture of containers, oil derrick, harbor construction, oil production platform and chemical container containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive medium in oil equipment.

weathering resistant steel

In addition, weathering resistant steel alloy composition and weight percentage content are: C: 0.12~0.21, Si: 0.2~2.0, Mn: 0.7~2.0, S≤0.036, P≤0.034, Cu: 0.10~0.40, Al<0.2, the rest is Fe and trace impurities. Through Cu, Mn, Si and Al alloying and simple adjustment of common low carbon steel (like ASTM A283) part elements, under the condition of without changing of ASTM A283 steel production process, low carbon steel can produce economic weathering steel with good resistance to atmospheric corrosion performance and comprehensive mechanical properties. Henan Anson Steel Co., Ltd as a professional corten steel supplier and exporter, is devoting to supplying high quality weathering steel for our customers and consumers, we are looking forward to hearing from you and welcome to visit our company and factory.

Main Steel Grade of Weathering Steel

Corten A SA588 Gr.A S235J2W SPA-H E24W4 Fe 360 DK1
Corten B SA588 Gr.B S355J2WP SMA490AW E36WA3 Fe 510 C1K1
A588 Gr.A SA588 Gr.C S355J0W SMA490BW E36WA4 Fe 510 D1K1
A588 Gr.B SA588 Gr.K S355J0WP SMA490CW E36WB3 Fe 510 C2K1
A588 Gr.C SA871 Type I Gr.60 S355J2G1W SMA400AW E36WB4 Fe 510 D2k1
A588 SA871 Type I Gr.65 S355J2G2W SMA400BW WT St37-3 WR 50 A
A242 SA871 Type II Gr.60 S355K2G1W SMA50AW WT St52-3 WR 50 B
A709 Gr.50W SA871 Type II Gr.65 S355K2G2W SMA50CP   WR 50 C
  SA871 Type III Gr.60        
  SA871 Type III Gr.65        

Characteristics of Weathering Resistant Steel

Compared with common carbon steel, weathering resistant steel has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere; compared with stainless steel, weathering steel has only trace alloy elements such as P, Cu, Chromium, Ni and niobium etc. alloy element volume accounts for only a few percent; not like stainless steel, alloy elements volume can account for teens. Thereby, the prices of weathering resistant steel with high quality are cheap.

The Manufacturing Process of Weathering Resistant Steel

Weathering resistant steel adopt the manufacturing process: concentrate charging – smelt (converter, electric furnace – micro-alloying treatment – blowing argon – LF refining – low superheat casting) – controlling rolling and cooling technology etc. When smelting, steel scrap with furnace burden is joined in the furnace, according to the conventional process of smelting, the steel after adds deoxidizing agent and alloy; molten steel by blowing argon and do cast immediately, after blowing argon and adjust temperature of molten steel is casted slab by continuous casting machine. Due to adding rare earth element in the steel, weathering steel is purified and inclusion content reduces greatly.

The Applications of Weathering Resistant Steel

♦ High performance weathering steel and refractory steel can reduce steel structure maintenance, for solving the leakage of unprotected steel structure fire retardant anticorrosion problem provide a new solution such as high voltage towers;
♦ High strength weathering steel has been applied in bridge engineering;
♦ Refractory weathering steel can also be applied to floor support plate;

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