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On the one hand, plasma arc cutting is using high temperature plasma arc quantity of heat to make the workpiece incision of the metal local melting (and evaporation), and the plasma momentum ruled out a molten metal to form a kind of processing method of incision. Plasma cutting company with different gases can cut various hard metal especially stainless steel, steel plate and titanium with better cutting effect. The main advantage is fast speed when cutting small thickness of metal, above all cutting the common carbon steel, the cutting speed is 5-6 times of oxygen cutting method. Besides, the cutting surface is bright and clean with little thermal deformation and heat affected zone. Furthermore, plasma cutting has a wide application in all of the metal cutting with large cutting thickness, simple, flexible and cutting curve etc.

Plasma Cutting for Steel Plate

plasma cutting plasma cutting

On the other hand, the laser cutting is a process of a high intensity light source the size of a pin head. The energy is produced by this light source vaporizes metal, and the whole process is controlled by computer. This high energy light can be directed and its movement is controlled with pin point accuracy. The great advantages of laser cutting are smooth edge quality, tight tolerance parts and a little smaller heat affected zone compared to other thermal cutting methods.

Laser Cutting for Steel Plate

laser cutting

The Features of Laser Cutting
High quality, high efficiency and fast cutting speed;
Non-contact cutting;
Variety of cutting materials;

The important point is that we provide not only all kinds of steel plates, steel tubes and steel fittings but also steel products process services. Therefore, as customers, you not get steel products but obtain the steel end products you wanted.

Plasma Cutting Machine

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