steel plate rolling

We have world-leading steel plate and sheets rolling equipment of plate rolls and sheet rolls. Meanwhile our workers with exquisite technology can accurately roll steel plates and sheets into full cylinders, cylinder segments, full cones and cone segments. Anson steel can make both concentric and eccentric cones. These forms are usually applied to metal duct work for instance from light gauge pipes used in the ventilation systems to heavy steel plates used in the metal pipe work for steel or other large manufacturing applications.

Steel Plate Rolling

steel plate rolling

Above all, we also supply not only a variety of steel plates like ASTM A36, a283Gr.C/Gr.D, ST37-2/ST37-3, and SM490 (A, B, C) etc. but also steel plates/sheets rolling services to process plates into cylinder or rotundity for oil storage tank, tube shape, the resulting types of pipes for downspouts, conveyor pipe and metal duct work system. Our rolling services include rolling and ship steel plates into 30 feet, rolling sheets like stainless, painted, galvanized, polished or mild steel. In addition, we also have some of heavy steel plates rolling capacity projects, which complement our heavy structural steel bending capacity.

Exhibition of Our Steel Plate Rolling Products

tank fabrication processing steel plate rolling service
Tank Fabrication Cylinder Processing
ASTM A36 steel processing steel plate rolling supplier
ASTM A36 Plate Processing Steel Sheet Rolling

Because of advanced rolling and cutting equipments, we can roll the metal or steel sheets with special cut outs. Besides, the steel leftovers is also be made into angle, channel, beam, bar, tees and tubing. Moreover, it is convenient to delivery our workers brace steel sections to hold their radius while bending shipped or make custom carriers to otherwise facilitate shipment.

Henan Anson Steel Co., Ltd plate rolling service are widely used for oil tank fabrication, circular tank walls, machine housing, piping system, oil gas pipeline welding and bridges constructions. Please contact us to get more information on steel sheets rolling and our engineers look forward to hearing from you.
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