hot rolled steel plate

Hot rolled steel is known as hot rolled steel plate and steel strips, which usually refers to the plate width more than or equal to 600mm, thickness from 0.35 to 200mm and strips thickness from 1.2 to 25mm. We produce hot rolling steels in the 2-150mm thickness range as plates, sheets and coils. The hot rolled plate is in the 5-150 mm thickness range, the hot rolling coils are in the 2-20 mm thickness range.

Hot Rolled Steel Plate and Steel Coils

hot rolled steel plate hot rolled steel coils

Hot rolled steels are widely applied in the construction industry, metal structures and heavy machinery. Ourway steel is an expert in raw materials for requirement applications where strength, durability and optimization of weight are necessary. So it is strict for us to choose materials for hot rolled steel plates. In addition, our company manages comprehensive products ranging in hot rolled steel grades extends from standard steels to customized grades. Hot rolled steels contain structural steels in buildings, machinery, containers, tanks and bridges, wear and surface pressure resistant steels in vehicles, industrial and pressure equipment and steels for marine and offshore applications.

Besides, the hot rolled steel plates have a wide application in all walks of life. The following is the usages.
Structural steel
Usually it produces ordinary structural steel and welding structural steel and mainly used to fabrication, bridge, ship and vehicles.
Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel
The hot rolling steel plate adds special elements like P, Cu, C with good corrosion resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance. This kind steel is widely used in the production of the container and special vehicles as well as constructions.
Hot rolled special steel
General mechanical structure with carbon steel, alloy steel and tool steel through heat treatment engineering is applied in the production of various kinds of machinery parts and components.
Steel pipe raw material
With good processing performance and compressive strength, hot rolled steel plate is used in the production of container below 500L to fill LPG and acetylene gas and various kinds of high pressure gas vessels.
Stainless steel plate
Stainless steel with good corrosion resistance is mainly used in food industry, surgical equipment, aerospace, petroleum and chemical industry etc.

The hot rolled plate is easy to process with low hardness and good extensibility. Moreover, the strength is relatively low with poor surface (oxidation and low roughness), but the plasticity is good. Generally it is medium thickness plate. Ourway steel is a great hot rolled steel plate supplying in Chinese market. Please keep in touch in with us, you will get more information about hot rolled steel.

When it comes to steel plates or pipes and services, we at Ourway steel are able to meet all your needs such as hot rolled steel including hot rolled steel plates, hot rolling steel sheets and hot rolled steel coils as well as these steel products processing. We have the most comprehensive range steel products and full services on the international markets and you will benefit from us prompt and reliable delivery direct from just on partner. We delivery products to the customer punctually as ordered with a high quality finish. Choosing Ourway steel gets not raw material steel but the finished products you provide drawings and you wanted. We look forward to hearing from you and your emails. Welcome to visit our website!

Mechanical Property

Thickness Yield Strength(Mpa) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Elongation(%) Bending Test

Lenght Allowable Deviation of Hot Rolled Steel Plate

Thickness(mm) ≤4 >4~16 >16~60 >60          
Length(mm) ≤1500 >1500 ≤2000
>6000 ≤2000
>6000 All
Allowable deviation(mm) +10 +15 +10 +25 +30 +15 +30 +40 +50
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