checkered steel plate

Henan Anson Steel Co., Ltd uses a variety of material to process checkered steel plate including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum. The diamond plate ranges from 14 gauges to 1 inch thick, 48 inches to 96 inches wide and length up to 25 feet long as well as accepting custom cut lengths available. At the same time, we provide different standard sizes you customized. Please keep in touch with us, you will get more information on Anson Steel and steel products processing services.

Diamond Plate Pattern and Checker Plate
diamond plate pattern diamond plate

What’s more, Anson Steel is a significant supplier of diamond plate and checker plate in China. We export standard and custom size diamond plates and sheets to European, North America, South America and Africa as well as surrounding districts. Because of abundant checkered steel coils and plates, we are able to provide customers with fast turnaround on the cost effective steel plate floors you needs. With the best prices and fastest output, we do what we can to make sure you’re able to get what you need when you need.

Checker Plate Storage and Production Line
checker plate storage

Checker plate of Anson Steel has wide applications in different ways. The most standard industrial purposes are: manhole covers, industrial flooring, stair treads, anti-slip flooring and stock plates. As a steel purchaser, you not get steel products but receive premier services of steel plate rolling, forming, laser or plasma cutting, leveling, robotic welding and steel fabrication. We all the staff look forward to becoming a strong technical support for your great projects. Keep in touch with us!

Stainless Checkered Steel Plate Dimension and Standard

Size plate thickness kg/m2 914 × 1,829
(three × six)
1,219 × 2,438
(4 × 8)
1,524 × 3,048
(5 × 10)
2.3 19.73 33.0 58.6 -
3.2 26.79 44.8 79.6 125
4.5 36.99 61.8 110 172
6.0 48.77 81.5 145 227
9.0 72.32 121 215 336
12.0 95.87 160 285 445
16.0 127.3 213 378 591
19.0 150.9 252 448 701
22.0 174.4 292 518 810
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