boiler steel plate

Boiler steel plate is mainly applied to produce superheater, steam pipe and hot rolling plate material of boiler room fire heating surface. The main material is high quality structure steel and low alloy heat-resistant steel. The common boiler steel has low carbon killed steel of hearth furnace smelting or low carbon steel of electric furnace smelting, carbon content ranges from 0.16% to 0.26%. Due to boiler plates works under the medium temperature high pressure, the plate not only bears high pressure but also suffers impact, fatigue load and corrosion of water and gas. Hence, boiler plate needs to have good welding, cold bending performance, high temperature strength and good resistance to alkali and oxidation corrosion. Anson Steel offers high quality boiler plates for customers who you can purchase freely with best after-service.

Boiler Steel Plate

boiler steel plate

Grades and standards:
Main grades of boiler plate: 20g、16Mng、15CrMoVg、19Mng、22Mng
Main grades of pressure container plate: 20R、16MnR、15MnNbR、15MnVNR
Standard: ASTM A516/ASME SA516

It is broadly applied in petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, boiler etc. Also it is used to produce reactor, heat exchanger, separator, oil gas holder, liquified petroleum gas pot, high pressure water pipe and turbine volute etc.

Boiler Steel Applications

boiler steel fabrication boiler steel supplying

The main standard is ASTM A516/ASME SA516. A516 / SA516 is a remarkable standard in its basic form with just five key chemical elements specified with three mechanical properties.

Chemical Requirements

Element Thickness Composition (%) Note
Carbon (max) 12.5 mm and under 0.21 A, B, C 
over 12.5 to 50 mm 0.23 A, B, C
over 50 to 100 mm 0.25 A, B, C 
over 100 mm 0.27 A, B, C 
Manganese 12.5 mm and under 0.60 - 0.90 A, C, D
12.5 mm and under 0.55 - 0.98 B, C, D
over 12.5 mm 0.85 - 1.20 A, C
over 12.5 mm 0.79 - 1.30 B, C
Phosphorus (max)   0.025 A, B 
Sulphur (max)   0.025 A, B 
Silicon   0.15 - 0.40
    0.13 - 0.45 B

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Property  Value
Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi)  415 - 550 (60 - 80) 
Yield Strength, min MPa (ksi) 220 (32) 
Elongation min, % 200 mm (8 in) 21
Elongation min, % 50 mm (2 in)  25 
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