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 1.    How do you guarantee the steel billet?

Anson steel has own steel factory. The product has priority to excellent special steel continuous casting pipe billet. In addition, factory has advanced pipe billet production technology line to make sure control the steel quality of steel pipes and pure steel pipe billets. Meanwhile, we have enough raw materials to guarantee all kinds of steel products production. So choose Anson steel is your right choice.

2.    Do you know how to ensure the steel straightness?

In factory, Anson steel configures Siemens electronic straightening machine with international advanced technology. We guarantee the straightness of steel pipes after heat treatment in accordance with customers’ standard and demand strictly.

3.    What is outer packing of pipes?

Generally, there are two ways for steel pipes. One is bundling packaging, the other is container packaging. Packaging can avoid damage to steel pipes during sales and transportation. The bundle packaging labels should be consistent like heat number, steel grade and specifications.

4.    Which ways can prevent damage to steel pipes during transport?

The compartment for the pipes should be clean inside. We have to ensure that there is no stone, brick and other hard objects to avoid damage for steel tubes.
For bundling steel pipes, we should put some sleepers in the bottom of compartment. For the flat-bed vehicles, we have to install protective rubber mats to protect steel tubes. When steel pipes are sent to the warehouse, we should put at least two sleepers or crossties vertical to pipes.
    For long distance transportation of steel pipes, we should tie them tightly. If we use steel wires or hard objects to bundle steel pipes, the protective rubber is usually often placed in the steel strapping to prevent surface damage.

5.    What is the material and technical process of seamless steel pipes?

In market there are various kinds of materials to manufacture seamless steel pipes. The seamless steel pipes made from 40Cr carbon steel are applied in manufacturing machinery force components. There are two methods to process steel pipe: hot-rolled and cold rolled. Generally, the seamless steel pipes are tested strength and flattening before leaving factory. In addition, seamless steel tubes are required to have high strength, high resistance to oxidation corrosion and good organizational stability. Therefore, the steel pipe manufacturing process is quite strict.

6.    What are the key functions of seamless steel tubes?

Structural steel pipe is mainly used in general and mechanical structure.
Fluid pipe is mainly used in major projects and large scale equipment for delivering fluid like water and oil.
High pressure boiler steel seamless pipe is mainly applied in nuclear power plant boiler tanks that are resistant to high temperature and high pressure.
Marine seamless steel tube is mainly applied in ship boiler and superheater.
Petroleum seamless steel tubes are mainly used in boiler, heat exchanger for conveying fluid.
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